Top 10 Best Laptops under $700 Unbiased review (Buying Guide)

With the budget of $700 on the laptop, an individual must be prepared to have a fairly good quality laptop but they will be missing on a lot of powerful features which are there on the expensive and better technology laptops.

In a study on the US market, it is seen that people usually these days are willing to spend between $630 – $700 on laptops. Due to the result of the study, there have been a lot of laptops coming into the market within this range. Hence with the increase in technology, people need to be aware of what are the best brands to buy the laptop within this budget. With a machine with this budget, a person can’t expect it to have the best software or hardware features but it will be fast and quite efficient. 

The reason why people are not spending much money on powerful laptops is that they are only focusing on buying the laptops which will cater to finishing their necessary tasks. They do not require to buy laptops with excessive skill and quality which will not be of use to them. This list of budgeted laptops will be of great use to the college or school students or any individual who requires a business notebook.

There are several gaming laptops also within this budget which the people have discovered and found to be quite efficient in use. These laptops have fairly good sturdiness, quality, and specifications. But due to the compromise in the price, there can be a few features that are lacking such as dim screen light, weaker sound system, etc

 This would be a normal practice because manufacturers would have to compromise on a bit of the quality when it comes to the pricing of the laptop. They will definitely not be a high-end laptop but a laptop with good performance should be an ideal choice for people. 

This article here will enlist some of the best laptops in the market which will be of great help to the people who are searching for such a budgeted laptop.

These laptops have been chosen after a very careful and thorough market study. This is in order, so people won’t have to get conned after they purchase a laptop. Since these days it is very common that there are plenty of laptops available in the market but half of them seem to be not promising due to the price level.

They usually con the consumers into purchasing them making it a loss for them. Hence, to make the purchase economical and beneficial for them this article will be very helpful to the buyers. It will consist of the best laptops available in the market along with a guidebook which the buyers can keep in hand with them which will help in making their purchase easier and better.

Following are the best laptops available in the market under $700 : 

1: Acer Nitro 5

This is one of the most popular Acer laptops. It is priced under $700 and is quite popular and well-featured within the price that it is available with. Although this is an old model, it works completely fine with the given range.

It has the CPU of the eighth generation Intel core i5. It has a quad-core processor. Due to this quad-core processor, it functions very powerfully and is much faster as well. It has a 15.6 inches full HD IPS technology.

It has an LED-backlit that provides an amazing visual experience giving it an amazing quality in the screen with rich and vibrant colors and images. It has a storage of 8GB RAM which makes it perfectly fitted for daily use.

This is quite a great offer to use with the range of prices that it comes along with. It has a great capacity for storage of about 256 GB SSD. This gives an amazing speed and the laptop has space to fit in additional storage for files and data. This laptop is quite good even for gamers at this price range. 

It is moderately good since it comes fitted with the best graphic technology called  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with a memory of about 4 GB. The construction of the laptop is very strong and is perfect making it durable.

Although it is a bit heavyweight and not so slim it still is a good purchase. Due to its weight, it cannot be an option for people to make it portable or carry around the item. The laptop has features such as KBD backlit and WASD Keys which give the keyboard and highlighting effect making it a perfect choice for the gamers if they wish to work or play at night. The laptop has the option of upgrading its RAM to 32 GB.

It has a cooling fan which resolves the issue of the laptop heating up. It has a charging port, a great stereo speaker, a media card reader, and a built-in webcam. The battery life can last up to 5.5 hours.

  • It has a bright display system
  • The RAM can be upgraded
  • Overheating can be prevented and excellent built
  • It is quite heavy making it less portable
  • The trackpad is not a good one

2: Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E570

This laptop is a very good option for general office use. It is very much suitable for people who are interested in writing, editing, blogging, or any other activities of moderate use. This laptop is a great purchase under the budget mentioned above.  It has a 15.6 inch HD screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

The laptop has a LED-backlit display which makes sure it’s quality of the screen is good and it can be viewed from any given angle. Although it has a great quality of display as mentioned, it is sure that within this budget no display can ever be as great as the laptops at a higher price. But with this display, it is more than enough for an individual to watch any of their activities or the gamers to play any of their games. 

This is a proper value of money on the laptop which is spent on. The laptop has a memory of 8GB RAM and a storage of 250 GB capacity. An individual has an option to upgrade both the storage but it would lead to increasing the cost of the machine. One of the most interesting and attractive facts about this laptop is its weight. It weighs only about 4.7 lb which makes it a very light weighted laptop and it will be easy for people to carry around.

It has a great building of construction and it is also made up of great quality. The graphic card which is associated with this laptop is the Intel HD 620 graphics. This is a moderate option although it wouldn’t give a great option like any other NVIDIA or AMD card. But the performance of the machine is still great and suitable for the users. One can play games on the laptop but it can’t be for intense game purposes.

This laptop has an option for a fingerprint reader which increases the security of the full machine. It can bend over 180° making the viewing angle much better. It has a battery life of about five hours. It has some other additional features such as two USB ports of 3.1 and one USB port of 2.0. It has an HDMI connectivity, Type C, and ethernet connectivity as well.

  • It has a great quality of construction and is lightweight
  • It has a decent amount of battery life
  • It has several ports available making it strong for connectivity
  • The display of the screen could be of better quality
  • There are some issues with the network and WiFi

3: Acer Swift 3 SF315

This is one of the finest laptops of Acer in the market that has been introduced. It has an amazing new processor named AMD Ryzen Mobile Processor with Vega 8 Graphics. This quality of the processor makes it the best in the market. 
It enhances its functionality and productivity of the machine. The design of the machine is great and it is ultra-thin and sleek. It has a full body of metal constructed and weight about 3.6 pounds making it completely lightweight.

It has a display of 15.6 inches with the IPS technology making it the best display even during bright and sunny weather. It has a technology fitted on the screen that makes it bright and makes the images as well as vibrant and popping. This all comes with a LED-backlit display. It is a touch screen laptop that is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass. One of the other interesting features of this laptop is its a fingerprint reader. One would not require to type passwords like the old days and the laptop is more secure as well. This is also a much more convenient way as well to log in. 

It comes with a backlit keyboard which will help the users to work or play games at night making it a much smoother process. It has a battery life of about eight hours. It has a memory of about 8GBRAM and storage of 256 GB SSD capacity.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this laptop is the heating issue. There is no cooling fan perfectly placed on this laptop to prevent it from heating. It has great connectivity features such as USB ports of both two and three-generation. It also has an HDMI port. It comes with an operating system of Windows 10 which makes the functioning of the laptop much easier.

  • It has an excellent processor and construction of the body
  • The fan is very quiet and doesn’t make a loud sound and the laptop is lightweight
  • It has great performance and speed
  • There are some heating issues with the laptop
  • The display unit is not very bright

4: Lenovo Ideapad 700

 This is one of the most popular and powerful laptops produced by Lenovo. It has amazing high futures with an Intel i5 processor. This has been featured as a gaming laptop due to its great extraordinary performance at such a low price. It has a display of 15.6 inches full HD which gives a great amount of performance. The display is very bright, sharp, and works amazing with intense games and videos as well.

The design of this laptop is very much similar to the other Lenovo laptops but the only difference between them and this laptop is that this is a quite slim more and much more lightweight laptop.

It can be easily carried around by people due to its lightweight which makes it portable as well. It comes with RAM storage of 8GB and a storage capacity of  1 TB HDD. It has large storage which will help people to store maximum and multiple of the data and files as the required two.

This laptop also has a quick speed for boot times and is very reliable than several other laptops within this price range. An individual can also install another hard drive if they require to purchase an extra one additional space. This additional space is usually required for storage purposes only. 

This laptop also seems to come with an amazing graphics technology which is perfect for gamers.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950, is an excellent choice of graphics for gamers. With this graphics technology, this laptop makes a high place in the market and is very popular amongst the customers. It has an incredible audio experience that sets it apart from the other laptops within this budget. It is fitted with a premium stereo speaker giving the users a vibrant quality of sound.

 It has a rich quality of graphic cards making it enable the users to play any intense game which is quite unusual for any laptop in this budget. One of the main disadvantages of this laptop is its battery life which only extends up to 4 hours. If a user is interested in gaming, they are always required to charge the laptop and play. They also have a decent amount of connectivity such as it has USB ports and makes the laptop connected to several external devices.

  • It has a quick boot time and amazing quality of graphics
  • It is lightweight and sleek with a great display unit
  • It has an amazing stereo quality
  • It has a very poor battery life
  • It has a slow processor

5: HP Envy X360

This is one of the most popular models of HP under the budget of $700. It is popularly even called the flagship product of the company do you to people having an amazing and incredible experience with this. It has a quad core processor of AMD. It is a two in one laptop and works amazingly fine and much faster and reliable due to the incredible system that it is supported with. It is also fitted with a 15.6 inch full HD display with IPS technology.

It is a touchscreen laptop that can easily be converted to a tablet as well when one falls on it. This is a very reliable machine and is quite effective as well. The design of this laptop is amazing and very attractive to look at. It is quite lightweight and has a slim body as well. It weighs about 4.49 pounds only which definitely makes it lightweight. Due to this lightweight and slim body, it is easy to carry around with this laptop and it won’t be of any issue to any individual. It is fitted with a RAM of 8GB and a storage capacity of 256 GB.

An individual can expand their RAM memory to about 30 2GB plus there is storage capacity as well. This has a backlit keyboard which will help the individual to see during the night time. It has a great graphics card which is one of the best in the market. Due to its extensive and rich display. It gives away vibrant colors and images of clear clarity on the screen. One can enjoy high-definition games as well due to the amazing quality.

It has an operating system of Windows 10 which is upgraded in the background automatically. One of the most attractive parts of this laptop is its battery life. It runs for about 10.5 hours even when an individual works continuously. It has great connectivity as well such as USB port, headphone, or a microphone combo jack and a media card reader.

  • It has an excellent and very powerful processor
  • It is very lightweight and a slim laptop
  • It has an upgraded RAM and storage
  • There can be some issues with the network
  • The system can heat up due to some overheating issues

6: Microsoft Surface Go

This is one of the newest products of Microsoft surface go and also the best product Microsoft has ever launched. It is one of the lightest and a very attractive looking laptop under this limited budget. It can work as both a laptop and a tablet which the classic look of any Microsoft laptop. An individual would have to buy the keyboard separately to use it as a laptop.

It runs on the Intel Pentium gold processor which is a fairly good processor for the machine. It is a 10-inch touchscreen display that is attractive to the users since it provides high-quality images and videos. This machine is fitted with a RAM of 8GB and a storage of 128 GB SSD. With this hi Ram power, it will be very easy for an individual to play games. Even doing regular work such as mailing, any office work, or watching movies will be done in a much easier way due to this high RAM power. The outer construction of this laptop is quite strong and attractive to the users.

It is made up of magnesium material and has a very neat finishing. This is one of the lightest laptops which is listed from all the laptops mentioned above. Being one of the lightest laptops, this can be very easy for an individual to carry around and is a portable option. The laptop has a great battery capacity of about nine hours where an individual can work for a longer time and for daily purposes as well.

It is a very sleek built machine and is very easy to use as well. Even though an individual would have to buy a keyboard for the purchase of this laptop, the price of the keyboard is also very cheap. It has a multitasking USB see, it has the option of fast charging and has a headphone jack as well. This laptop can be very handy for college students or even school going students as well.

  • It is a very sleek and the lightest laptop in the market
  • It has an incredible battery life
  • It is attractive and sturdy
  • It does not have a powerful RAM
  • It is not suitable for longer and higher usage

7: Lenovo Flex 5

This is said to be one of the most affordable laptops within the price range of $700. It is a quite good option for people with a low budget option. It has a processor of Intel core i5. With this process, so one can handle all the daily and regular work which is enough for this kind of laptop. This laptop can function as both a tablet and a laptop.

 It has a 14-inch touchscreen display and has a 360° rotating screen which enables the laptop to completely turn into a tablet or any mode that the user would require at that cost of time. It has 8GB RAM and a storage of 128 GB SSD capacity. With this combination of the SSD and RAM, this laptop is very strong and high and the laptop.

One can extend their RAM storage plus the memory storage of this laptop. The SSD storage allows the laptop to have a better speed and storage as well. With this extensive storage, an individual can easily store as many large files as they wish to have. The RAM can be extended up to 16 GB where one would require to purchase it which is available at a very nominal rate.

The construction of this laptop is very sleek and is made up of aluminum. It gives a very modern and clean look. The laptop is quite lightweight and weighs about 3.74 £ only. Due to its lightweight, one can easily carry it around making it portable as well. The battery power of this machine is up to 6 to 7 hours. It has a decent amount of connectivity options. It includes a USB port, HDMI port, and an earphone jack.

  • It is a powerful and speedy machine
  • It is affordable, lightweight making it portable
  • It has a slim design and is sturdy
  • It has a poor display of machine
  • It can be difficult to handle

8:  Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5577

This laptop is known in the market due to its battery and storage capacity. It has a 7th generation i5 processor giving the laptop the highest speed and allowing it to perform incredibly. It allows the user to play games and do regular work on the laptop without any disturbance. It has many high-end features for a budget laptop. It has a 15.6 inches FHD anti-glare LED-backlit display which allows the machine to give vibrant and bright colors.

This laptop is fitted with an 8GB RAM and 1 TB HDD as storage capacity. It allows the user to have plenty of storage and performs great and amazing stabilizing the system. The RAM can be extended to 32 GB but it is worth it even though the individual would require to pay a little extra penny. 

This laptop has a great boot time and widget about 5.56 pounds although it has a slim look. It has a great graphics core processor named NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 which will allow the individual to play games of even intense type without any interruptions. It has an amazing on-screen display.

There is a thermal design as well fitted in this laptop which will allow the user to cool down this system when it gets heated up. There is a Wave Audio in this laptop which will help the user to enhance the sound quality when the individual plays movies or games. It has great connective and network as well. The battery life is quite impressive since it runs for about 8 hours.

  • It has an amazing battery life
  • It has a great network and connectivity
  • The RAM can be upgraded at any time
  • It has a poor audio quality
  • The display is quite average of this machine

Expectations from the best laptops under $700:

This will act as a guide for individuals who are looking to buy a laptop within this range.

  1. Casing Quality: One should not settle for any cheap quality of the case. They should always look for a solid and firm one. 
  2. Display: They should have a good screen with High Definition facility. They should give out bright colors with great brightness and vividness. 
  3. Sound: The sound clarity of the laptop should be quite clear and loud. 
  4. Battery life: It would be better to have a laptop that functions about at least 6 hours.
  5. Durability: The durability of the case should be one of the highest priorities. 
  6. Storage: Preferences should be given to SSD laptops over HDD models. 
  7. RAM: 8GB RAM is very essential for any laptop so basic task work can be done. 


This article hopes to help the readers who are in search of a laptop within the budget of $700. There are several such laptops available in the market with the advancement of technology. These products mentioned above are chosen from a list of several products after a careful and thorough study. These products are suggested by the rest to buy because of their function and productivity. The links to each of these products are mentioned below so that an individual can easily click on them to buy. These laptops mentioned above are carefully listed so one shouldn’t be disappointed after their purchase. The pros and cons of each of the laptops have been mentioned. As said that these laptops are budgeted, one should not expect to have a very high opinion of them. All of them will be flawed in some or the other way.

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