The best laptop for writers on a budget 2021

Writers need a specific kind of laptop which would be beneficial for them. It would not be a laptop that is highly technologically advanced since it would be not beneficial if the main writing tool of this laptop does not work according to their preference.

The two main preferences of writers are a Microsoft Word or a working keyboard. A writer would be very comfortable with a laptop that has these features like comfortable to type, compact in shape, a great display of colors, and great battery backup. The size of the laptops does come as a great concern to these writers because they would travel around with the laptops hence they would wish that it is portable and small in size.

Coming to the factor of the keyboard this is a very essential factor since they would require the keyboard to be reliable, accurate, satisfying, and tactile. They would require one of the best keyboards which are great in the process of functioning and the writer could type for a long duration without becoming tired.

When it comes to vibrant or a great color of display, this feature is important for cases if the writer chooses an outdoor area to write. Year if he has chosen an outdoor space, he would require a great display because there would be too much light and there should be no strain on the writer.

The best laptops which are inspirational to these writers are usually sleek and compact in size. Battery two is a very important factor because while traveling if laptop users use the laptop for a long period of time without any source to charge they would expect that their laptop runs for a long duration. Another important factor to look at there should be enough storage in the laptops because the primary reason for writers choosing these kinds of laptops is to save their files. A writer genuinely would not be interested in the specifications of laptops where features such as RAM and GPU are high. These two features are only looking for purposes when a person is buying a gaming laptop hence it would not be for any use to them. 

Nowadays, there are so many laptops available in the market due to an increase in technology. There are several laptops available in the market where half of them still do not function perfectly.

This article here will help the readers to choose the best laptop for them and make their purchase much more economical and beneficial. This article will consist of a compiled list of the best laptops which are available in the market along with their pros and cons, and also a guide which will help the buyers to know what are the important features to look at before their purchase. 

These products mentioned below are chosen after a very careful and thorough study. Following are the best laptop for writers available in the market: 

1: Google Pixelbook Go:

best laptop for writers

This is a great choice for writers. It has an Intel Core m3 to the Intel core of i7. It has RAM between 8 GB – 16 GB. The screen is 13.3 inches and is also a touch screen. It has great storage of 128 GB – 256 GB. This may not be the most popular laptop, but it is suggested overall in the market very highly. It is offered with amazing and powerful features at a very great price level.

It has amazing specifications. The specifications are mentioned in the first part of the paragraph. Having such specifications at such a premium price could be very surprising to the users. For example, the battery life of this chrome book is excellent since it can work for more than 11 hours. The user could work and watch shows for entertainment purposes for a long period of time. 

The other factor for which this laptop is known for is its keyboard. It has a very much spaced out keyboard which is perfect for the writers when they type. Another feature of it that is not that important is its webcam quality which is 1080p. With this camera quality being very sharp one can do video calls with their clients.

They also have the Microsoft software installed which makes it easier for the individuals to work. This is truly an excellent choice for individuals who are very keen on buying a laptop at a convenient price. 

  • It has an amazing battery life
  • The keypads of the laptop are spaced out at great convenience
  • Although, it is available at a great price. It can still be costly to some
  • There is no biometric login for security purposes

2: HP Spectre x360 (2020)

This laptop of HP has been installed and renewed in the year 2020. This laptop comes with the 10th generation Intel core of i5 and i7. It has great graphics and has a screen size of 13.3 inches with an LED-backlit multitouch.

It also has storage between 256 GB and 2 TB along with an SSD. It has an amazing display and a gem cut chassis making the display the highlighting part of the purchase of the laptop. But this laptop has its increasing sales not just because of its looks but also because of the incredible features and the powerful internals that it comes along with. This laptop is great for multitasking.

It has a two in one design and a touchscreen display. It can just not be handy for the writers for their work but also can be entertained for entertainment needs between the right and sessions. 

One of the most important features of what the writer‘s check is for the keyboards. The keyboards are Best out perfectly and have the proper bouncy feature that any writer would need. It would not let them get tired of writing.

This laptop also has a great connectivity feature which will help them to connect through other devices as well. Although mention that the graphics are decently good, these graphics are not enough for any gaming purposes if the writer wishes to. But coming to know that this laptop is majorly for only writing purposes, the graphics are not of utmost importance. 

  • It has an amazing and stylish display
  • It has a great performance level
  • It has amazing security features
  • It does not have a great battery life
  • The system can get heated up at times

3: Asus Chromebook Flip

best laptop for writers

This product is known in the market for its premium specifications and also for its pricing is very economical. It has an excellent CPU Intel Pentium 4405Y and Intel Core m3-6Y30. It has Intel HD graphics 515. It has a screen of 12.5 inches and has a LED-backlit antiglare.

The storage of this chrome book is about 32 GB to 64 GB. This product was one of the best laptops which were produced by Google. It has an amazing Intel core processor with a full HD display. This chrome book was a game changer at once in the market when it was produced.

These days apart from the pixel book, this chrome book product is one of the best since it has amazing features. This laptop is extremely handy for the people who come with a particular budget for purchasing the laptop. This product is worth the price because it has an amazing display of premium quality. 

Coming to its one of the most important criteria of why it is famous is its tactile keyboard. This keyboard is properly spaced out and is bouncy as well. It is fitted with a classy design which makes it comfortable for the users to use it in the mode of tablet or a traditional laptop as well.

 This is the perfect model of laptop for writers. Although it definitely does come in the market with a budget, it does not compromise on any of its features. It is fitted with an aluminum chassis giving it a brushed texture finish. 

  • It is an elegant and amazing looking laptop
  • It has a tactile keyboard
  • There is no direct support to Android devices
  • The speakers of this device could be middling

4: Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (2019)

best laptop for writers

This laptop is one of the most premium choices for writers. It comes with the 10th generation of Intel core ranging from i3 and i7. It has graphics of Intel UHD and Iris plus graphics. There is a RAM availability in this computer ranging from 4GB and 16 GB. It has a screen size of 13.4 inches with a non-touch anti-glare and 13.4 inches with a touch anti-reflective as well.

The storage capacity of this laptop is 250 6GB and 512GB along with an SSD card. It will be shocking to know that this laptop is incredible with its design. This laptop is immensely popular in the market for being compact and lightweight as well. Since it is lightweight it makes it a portable laptop with compact design for the users as well.

This product is well-known in the market for its amazing and responsive display, its stunning woman design and its tactile keyboard. 

The keyboards are well designed and placed with proper spacing arrangement which makes it comfortable for the writers to type. It is also very bouncy in nature which makes the process of typing much faster and quicker.

The looks of the laptop are very impressive which makes the performance level of the individual much more enhanced. Although the graphics factor is not an important notion for a writer to purchase the laptop this laptop also has an excellent graphics system that had to be acknowledged. If an individual is looking for a two in one laptop with sufficient power back up, this is the best purchase that they could afford. This laptop is very versatile and has a stunning design with several features installed in it.

  • It has a stunning and portable design
  • It has an incredible performance
  • The laptop has a great and responsive display
  • The battery life is not recommended
  • It has a decent level of sound
  • The lid of the laptop is hard to open

5: Surface Laptop 2

best laptop for writers

This laptop has been produced by the Microsoft company. This laptop is installed with several features that are moderate. This laptop comes with powerful features and has a tangible design. It is one of the purest designs of Windows 10. It has the eighth-generation Intel core ranging from i5 and i7.

It has the graphics of Intel UHD graphics 620. There is a RAM of 8GB and 16 GB with a screen of 13.5 inches. And the laptop has a storage of 120 8GB to 1 TB along with an SSD. This is known to be one of the best touchscreen laptops with powerful and exclusive features fitted in it already. This laptop is not very well known in the market by having great functioning features because of its traditional look. 

This laptop has all the features which are essential for a writer even though it is a touchscreen laptop. The keyboard is tactile and comfortable. It is spaced out in an appropriate manner making it comfortable for the writers to write. Another important feature of this keyboard is that it is quite bouncy.

The size of the screen is perfect and it has great resolution making it visible from all angles even when it has been placed outdoors for working hours. The battery life of this tablet is the most attractive feature. One can work for long hours and complete the research with the battery life this laptop has backed up. One of the negative factors of this laptop is the Thunderbolt 3. The laptop has new color schemes in the shades of black. It is quite competitive when it comes to the power level. Another important factor is that there is no windows 10 S mode available. 

  • It has a quad-core processing
  • It is very elegant and beautifully designed
  • It does not have Thunderbolt3

6: Asus VivoBook S15 (S532F)

This laptop is known in the market for its features such as being thin, light, and a very capable laptop with powerful features installed. It has the CPU of a 10th generation Intel core ranging from i5 and i7. It has a graphics of Intel UHD 620. The RAM of this laptop ranges from 8GB and 16 GB. The screen size is 15.6 which is LED Blacklite.

The screen of this laptop has a nano edge display. It has a storage of 250 6GB and 1 TB along with an SSD card feature. This laptop although is lightweight but has several features in it that makes it attractive and high on demand.

It has great designs due to which people are still affording it. Since it is extremely lightweight, it is quite portable making it comfortable for the lighters to carry it around everywhere. It is also a very compact design of the laptop. It is much lighter than the MacBook Pro which is 16 inches.

If the person who is operating this laptop would require power they could be equipped immediately with the 10th generation of Intel Core processors and graphics. Since it has a great display, it has a screen that is bright and vibrant. 

The display is so great it can even take care of other factors such as for entertainment. One of the best features of this laptop is that although it is installed and fitted with several highly recommended features, it still is not very pricey. But there are some compromises with this price that an individual or a writer has to accommodate. These negative factors can be that the screen is only 1080p and the battery life of this computer is also very average. But it has done a great place for itself in the market which results in its high demand and purchase rate.

  • It has a bright and vibrant color display with an amazing screen size
  • The processor of this device is very powerful
  • It is very lightweight and weighs about 1.8 KG
  • It has a resolution of only 1080p
  • The battery life of this product is not very great
  • The screen pad of this device could be a little bit inconvenient for writers

7: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019)

This is one of the best laptops available in the market with amazing features installed in it already. It has a quad-core Intel of 1.4 GHz. It also has an  Intel core with 2.8 GHz. It has graphics of Intel Iris plus graphics ranging from 645 and 655. It has a RAM of 8GB and 16 GB respectively. The screen size ranges from 13.3 inches and is supported by an LED-backlit with an IPS technology. This IPS technology is very important so that the display can be seen even when the writer is outside in his Sunny or bright days. 

It has an excellent storage of 120 8GB and 2 TB along with an SSD card. This although is not the best model of MacBook Pro available in the market but it has several features which makes it the best amongst the lot for the writers. It is small and compact in size which makes it a portable option. Due to its size, it can be a great travelling companion for the writers.

The build of this laptop is so great that it can survive any fall from a height. It is quite a sturdy laptop. Even though the eighth-generation Intel core processor could be a laid back graphics but this is enough for the writers. This Macbook Pro also has a great WebCam which is entertaining for the writers when they want to take a break from Writing. It has excellent photo editing applications as well. If one would want to invest on a laptop with a great sized budget then this would be the best purchase. This can be useful to any writer even for a long duration of time. 

  • It has a good build quality
  • It has thin and light designs
  • It has an excellent battery life
  • It is very pricey
  • This is not the most powerful laptop in the MacBook family

8: Acer Switch 3

This is a great laptop available in the market at such a low price. It is installed with amazing features. It has a quad-core processor and has an Intel HD graphics 505. It has a Ram of 4GB which is sufficient for a laptop used by a writer.

It has a screen size of 12.2 inches and fitted with the IPS LCD touchscreen. It has the IPS technology which makes it possible for the writers to use this laptop in extremely bright and sunny conditions outdoors. It has a storage capacity of 64 GB and 128 GB.

If an individual comes with a tight budget then this laptop is definitely worth their purchase. It has amazing designs and is fitted with the basic concept. Although this is a very traditional laptop it is amazing to be used by writers since a writer‘s laptop does not come with high-technology features. 

This is a brilliant machine since it has added further value, it is a two in one laptop and tablet. The keyboard comes with an upgrade which means that the individual would be required to pay a little more from their pocket. The laptop comes in different versions such as with a C type USB, 8GBRAM, an IPS display, and an Intel core Quad processor.

Buyers Guide to buying best laptops 2020:

From the introduction above it is seen that it is made sure that laptops used by writers are not needed to be of high specifications and advanced. It comes to the thought then what could actually be the real guide to buying the best laptops for them. 

The following are the criteria which are important to look at with respect to a buyer before they make their final purchase: 

  1. Keyboard: 

This part of the computer is the most important to every writer. The keys should be spaced out properly in a manner which is comfortable to the writer. The keys should be quite responsive and should also be bouncy in nature. A writer would not prefer any additional keyboard for any other source such as numbering or arrows. They would always prefer one keypad which has all the sources. 

  1. Display:

This is another important factor for the right now. Since we know writers love to travel and think as to what to write. Usually, writers may seem to prefer outdoor spaces while writing. When a writer prefers to sit outside and write often the sunlight can be very bright which makes the display hard for the writer to see. Hence they would require a good resolution of the display so that it makes it easy for the writer to read and notice as to what they are writing. A good display of a laptop will not be disturbing to the eyes of the writer as well.

  1. Weight:  

As it is mentioned above as well that a writer always loves to travel and right he would always prefer to carry a light and comfortable laptop. It is important for the laptop to be lightweight so that they can carry it around making it portable for them. If they use a heavyweight laptop, it could sometimes be difficult for them to roam around. They should always prefer a laptop size which is compact and can fit in their bags at all times. 

4.Battery backup: 

A writer would always require a system that has a good battery backup. This is considered by individuals in general as well. But sometimes as it is seen that a writer would love to travel around and write, they should be sure that the laptop is fully charged and even when it is charged at a certain percentage that it works for a longer duration of hours. They can write in places or sit outside when there is no electricity or no charging plug. Hence it is very important for them to choose the laptop with a great back up battery.

5.Compact design: 

As seen that a writer loves to travel and carry his laptop around all the time. It is very important for them that the laptop is compact and lightweight. It should be in a specific size that allows the individual to carry around easily and is comfortable for them as well. Since the writer would prefer at times to work outdoors, it would be much more convenient as well for them to carry a lightweight laptop around them. Also, it is seen that the writers usually prefer laptops that have a very thin bezel.

6. Storage

It is always ideal for writers to get a laptop with 256 GB and then they can have an additional upgrade to SSD drive. It will be very beneficial for writers who love to travel and write a lot. Storage is very important for them. 

Some other additional features: 

Getting a touchscreen or a writing tablet is honestly a personal choice. But if a writer finds it convenient to make handwritten notes, then a touchscreen would any day be more convenient to buy. Coming to the software, Windows and Mac OS, is always preferred by individuals. Coming to processors, an intel i5 would any day be a smarter choice and graphics is not a highly necessary recommendation. Although RAM is not a factor to be looked at while buying laptops, but still of at least 4 GB is preferred 


This article aims to clear the confusion of the readers who are focused on buying a laptop for writing purposes. There are several laptops available in the market right now. Often, people can get confused. But with this article and the products mentioned above, it will be of great help to all the readers. There is a link mentioned below for each product. So the readers who wish to buy one, should go and purchase it soon.

The best laptop for writers is definitely different from a good laptop in general as to what we saw in this whole article. Hence it is very important for an individual to know as to what purpose they require to buy a laptop.

There are laptops of all price ranges available in this article. If an individual would want to spend a lot of money on buying the best laptop or an individual would wish to buy a laptop that will support their budget and are interested in making an economical purchase. This article contains a point of view. 

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